Activity Rates for 2006

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We have selected for you  the best serviced activities 
for your entertainment and your safety.
All prices are expressed in local currency: Pacific Francs and includes taxes.
Please note that all prices are subjected to change without prior notice.
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Unwinding Moments
Available everyday on reservation  -  from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm
Earlier or later massage will be charged 50% extra.
All the following can be enjoyed in our  "Taurumi Fare" #1,  in your bungalow or on its terrace. 
The "Taurumi", traditional polynesian body treatment consists in a firm friction of all the muscles in order to get rid 
of the body tensions while taking particular care of the tense areas. 
  Bora Bora Taurumi  (a traditional full body using the local coconut oil, "Monoï")
    1 hour   12,000 cfp per pax
    1 hour 30'   18,000 cfp per pax
  Deep Tissue  (a deep an draining treatment to relieve your knots and relax all your muscles)
    1 hour   12,000 cfp per pax
    1 hour 30'   18,000 cfp per pax
  Back, Neck and Shoulders OR Feet, ankles & legs 
    30 mn   8,000 cfp per pax
    1 hour   12,000 cfp per pax
SPECIAL TREATMENTS (Advanced notice necessary)
  Therapeutic Massages  (given by our qualified physiotherapist)
    1 hour 30'   22,000 cfp per pax
  Manicure  1 hour    5,000 cfp per pax
  Pedicure  1 hour    6,000 cfp per pax
  Aman Facial  1 hour   15,000 cfp per pax
Underwater World
From Monday to Saturday on reservation
  Discover the deep underwater world from this yellow submarine. 
  Dive to 80 feet deep for jackfish, napoleon, black tipped reef sharks, and lemon sharks.
  morning departure adult 45' underwater   22,000 cfp per person
  morning departure Child 12 45' underwater   11,000 cfp child ‹12
HELMET DIVE   (from 6 years old)      
Available everyday but Saturday  
  Put on a helmet that is attached to air and descend to a maximum depth of 10 feet. (25 mn)  
  Walk underwater & experience this "moon walking" feeling surrounded by tropical fish.  
  From 6 years old. To be able to swim is not necessary.  
  Adult am or  pm 1 hour 15' 2 pax Min. 6,800 cfp per person
  Child 8  am or  pm 1 hour 15' 2 pax Min. 4,400 cfp per child
  Private Boat (helmet dive & snorkeling)  
      3 hours 2 pax 57,000 cfp for the boat
Speed Boat Cruises & Motu Picnic 
Available everyday on reservation  A must for snorkelers and photographers.  
1 100 cfp / person to add for visiting a private beach.
  2 hours up to 4 pax 24,200 cfp for the boat
  Boston Whaler  3 hours  "       " 30,250 cfp for the boat
  17 feet 4 hours  "       " 35,200 cfp for the boat
6 hours  "       " 44,000 cfp for the boat
  2 hours up to 6 pax 35,200 cfp for the boat
  Bayliner "Orama" 3 hours  "       " 44,000 cfp for the boat
  21 feet 4 hours  "       " 52,800 cfp for the boat
6 hours  "       " 68,200 cfp for the boat
  Visit the barrier reef, enjoy beachcombing and snorkeling while our local "chef" prepares your lunch.
  Swimming & snorkeling on the way from the hotel to the motu.
  Group Picnic  (Tuesday & Friday with 4 guests Minimum)
  departure time: 9.30 am 6 hours Min. 4 pax 13,310 cfp per person
  Private Picnic (Available every day on reservation)
  Boston Whaler 17 feet   5 - 6 hours 2 pax 55,220 cfp for 2 persons
  Bayliner "Orama" 21 feet  5 - 6 hours 2 pax 77,000 cfp for 2 persons
Available everyday on reservation
  "Maaa Tahiti" is the most typical polynesian way of cooking, 
  prepared for celebrations and big parties. The food is wrapped in banana leaves,
  and cooked in a natural hoven, buried in the ground and surrounded
   by hot stones. Pork, chicken, fish, salads, tropical vegetables & local fruits. 
  Cruise around the island for wonderful sightseeing and snorkel on the best spots 
  of Bora Bora' lagoon. Land on a private islet with sandy beach and enjoy your meal ("Maaa Tahiti" or BBQ)   
  1 bottle champagne complimentary 5 hours 30' up to 4 pax 84,000 cfp for the day
             "                     " "     " up to 8 pax 101,500 cfp for the day
             "                     " 7 - 8 hours up to 4 pax 107,500 cfp for the day
             "                     " "     " up to 8 pax 125,000 cfp for the day
Snorkeling with Ray & Shark
  At first, enjoy the harmless & elegant sting rays around you on a shallow sand bank,
  then swim around three to five feet long black tipped reef sharks, and finally, 
  jump in for a last swim in an aquarium-like area.
  Group Tour  (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday with 4 guests Minimum)
  departure time 1.15 pm 2 hours 15 Min. 4 pax  7,200 cfp per person
  Private Tour (Available every day on reservation)
  Boston Whaler 17 feet   3 hours up to 4 pax 44,000 cfp up to 4 guests
  Bayliner "Orama" 21 feet  3 hours up to 6 pax 52,800 cfp up to 6 guests
Available everyday on reservation 
  Go for the very best of Bora Bora: tour the whole island, enjoy the ray ballet, 
  visit the reef sharks, discover manta rays and much more… Stop on the coral barrier to walk on the reef.
  Soft drinks & a bottle of champagne included for two persons.
    Boston Whaler 17 feet   4 hours up to 4 pax 55,000 cfp for 2 persons
    6 - 7 hours up to 4 pax 66,000 cfp for 2 persons
    Bayliner "Orama" 21 feet  4 hours up to 6 pax 77,000 cfp for 2 persons
    6 - 7 hours up to 6 pax 99,000 cfp for 2 persons
Available everyday on reservation
  Embark on the famous yellow motorised outrigger canoe, with a coconut-palmed roof
  to cruise around the island and benefit of the most wonderful 
  sightseeing & snorkeling areas of Bora Bora.  
  Patrick, your guide, has a very good knowledge of Polynesian culture, legends & history. 
    am or pm 3 hour 30' up to 8 pax 44,000 cfp for the boat
Scuba Diving
Everyday on reservation   (all equipment provided)
Certified Divers
  Bora Bora offers over ten fine diving sites: manta rays, eagle rays, 
  lemon sharks, grey sharks, barracudas, turtles, Napoleon wrasse, tunas…
  Fun Dive 8.50 am  or 1.50 pm     7,200 cfp per person
  Two tanks dive 8.30 am      Min. 4 pax 13,000 cfp per person
  Pack. of 5 dives am  or pm     31,000 cfp per person
  Night Dive  6.00 pm     Min. 4 pax 8,200 cfp per person
Private Boats, Private Dives
  Let yourself be guided by your private instructor, or board a private boat, 
  might it be a diving boat or the sailing catamaran "Taravana".
  Private Instructor (one dive or one lesson) half day up to 2 pax 28,000 cfp per dive
  Private Speed Boats
  Boat + instructor (one dive) half day up to 5 pax 57,000 cfp for one dive
  Extra Dive   1 pax 5,500 cfp per dive per pax
  "Taravana" 51 feet sailing catamaran
Boat + instructor (two dives) full day up to 4 pax 180,800 cfp boat & instructor
  Extra Dive   1 pax 5,500 cfp per dive per pax
Introductory Dive / First Timer   (From 8 years old)
  After a brief outline, a fully qualified instructor will hand-guide you 
  through very shallow water and will give you the opportunity to play 
  with thousands of tropical fish.
  Introductory Dive 1.50 pm   1 pax 7,200 cfp per person
Lessons & Certification   (from 12 years old)
  Should you stay with us for 3 days or more, you can get your international certification. 
  A doctor's certificate proclaiming you in good health for scuba diving will be needed.
  One lesson   2 hours   7,200 cfp per person
  CMAS * Certification    5 dives 3 - 5 days Min. 2 pax 50,000 cfp per person
  PADI Open Water Diver 10 dives 5-10 days Min. 2 pax 68,000 cfp per person
  PADI Advanced Diver   5 dives 2 - 3 days Min. 2 pax 45,000 cfp per person
On Land
From Monday to Saturday
  With an open Land Rover, experience the mystical heart and soul of Bora Bora. Travel through lush vegetation 
  See some World War II canons. Enjoy breathtaking scenery: green jungle, blue lagoon and white motus
  Group Safari 8.30 am  or 1.30 pm 3 hours up to 8 pax 7,500 cfp per person
  Private Safari am  or pm 3 hours up to 8 pax 54,400 cfp for the jeep
  CARS  (Citroen Saxo) 2 hours up to 4 pax 4,800 cfp per car
     driving licence required 4 hours       "       " 6,600 cfp per car
     no air conditionning, manual gear 8 hours       "       " 7,800 cfp per car
  BICYCLES half day 1 pax 1,730 cfp per bike
    full day 1 pax 2,310 cfp per bike
Up to the Sky
Available from Monday to Saturday from 8.30 am to 4.00 pm
  Take some spectacular photos over the lagoon and over Mount Otemanu. 
  Discover with the 30 mn ride the heart-shaped island of Tupai.
  PRIVATE FLIGHTS 15 mn up to 5 pax 82,000 cfp per flight
    30 mn up to 5 pax 132,000 cfp per flight
Available from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
  The most unique way to see the island and its amazing lagoon from above. 
  Take off and land smoothly without getting wet. No experience required. 
  Flight to 330 feet  (2 pers.) flight of 15 mn 2 pax 24,000 cfp per couple
  Flight to 990 feet  (2 pers.) flight of 30 mn 2 pax 31,500 cfp per couple
Available everyday on reservation
  Take some spectacular photos over the lagoon and over Mount Otemanu. 
  Discover with the 40 mn ride the heart-shaped island of Tupai. (One seat is available per flight)
  Private flights (1 pers.) flight of 25 mn 1 pax 16,000 cfp per couple
    flight of 40 mn 1 pax 22,000 cfp per couple
  Flight and
Maraamu Cruises
9 am or flight of 25 or 40 mn         25 000   cfp    per person
  1.30 pm & snorkeling at motu
Fun on the Lagoon
Available everyday on reservation
  Tour the island on your own jet ski, with an experienced guide. No experience required.
    9.30 am or  1.30 pm 2 hours up to 2 pax 25,500 cfp per jet
  Private tour am or  pm 2 hours up to 4 pax 90,000 cfp for two jets
Available everyday on reservation
  This engine is easy and fun to ride, comfortable and steady, convenient 
  and enjoyable to chat with your mate. Tour the island following your guide 
   to discover the lagoon. No experience requiered
  Group Tour 9.20 am or  1.20 pm 2 h 30 up to 2 pax 22,000 cfp per cata
  Private tour am or  pm 2 h 30 up to 2 pax 57,000 cfp for 1 cata
    am or  pm 2 h 30 up to 4 pax 76,000 cfp for 2 cata
Available everyday on reservation
  Enjoy a ride on the water: water-ski, wakeboard, barefoot or buoy. 
  Or combine for a couple of hours cruising on the lagoon, waterskiing and snorkeling. No experience required.
  waterski or wakeboarding 15 mn up to 4 pax 6,000 cfp per person
           "                   " 30 mn up to 4 pax 11,000 cfp per person
  Waterski, Snorkeling & Lagoon Cruise 2 hours up to 4 pax 33,000 cfp up to 4 pax
           "                   " 3 hours up to 4 pax 46,000 cfp up to 4 pax
           "                   " 6 hours up to 4 pax 78,000 cfp up to 4 pax
SportFishing & Private Charter
Available everyday on reservation 
  OFF SHORE: jacks, wahoo, mahi mahi & tuna. 4 hours up to 2 pax 38,500 cfp for the boat
  LAGOON: jacks, small barracuda & bonito. 4 hours up to 4 pax 38,500 cfp for the boat
Available everyday on reservation
  The Black Watch 34 has a proven deep-vee hull shape that provides 
  the most comfortable, driest ride possible. You only need to travel one mile
  to be on the fishing grounds for blue marlin, yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi….
  SPORTFISHING half day up to 6 pax 84,800 cfp for the boat
    full day  "          " 116,600 cfp for the boat
  DAY TOUR TAHA’A - RAIATEA   full day  up to 5 pax 127,200 cfp for the boat
Available everyday on reservation
  Taravana is the first world’s sportfishing sail boat and has proven 
  to be successful with an impressive record of tournament wins. 
  She is equipped with the best gear: Penn International reels and 
  2 custom fighting chairs. Go for Marlin, Wahoo, Tuna and Mahi Mahi. 
  DAY SAILING & SPORT FISHING half day up to 8 pax 95,400 cfp for the boat
    full day up to 8 pax 127,200 cfp for the boat
  OVERNIGHT CRUISES  (Tahaa, Raiatea)
    3 meals a day & wine with lunch and dinner. Pick up & drop-off: Bora Bora
    1 day  + 1 night 2 pax 233,200 cfp 2 pax / night
    1 day  + 1 night 4 pax 275,600 cfp 4 pax / night
    2 days+ 1 night 2 pax 381,600 cfp for the trip
    It takes approx. 1 h 30 to cross the 10 miles channel to reach Tupai, the closest island (atoll) to Bora Bora. 
    You can sport fish on the way and go for two scuba dives around Tupai, with your private instructor. 
    Lunch is taken onboard, on the calm side of the atoll.
  Boat + instructor & equipment for 2 dives  full day up to 4 pax 186,160 cfp for the day
CRUISE in the LEEWARD ISLANDS: "Atara Royal"
  Grand Banks 46 feet, saloon & 2 passengers cabins air conditionned, 
  TV, video, dvd, hi-fi, sundeck.
  Fully crewed, fine meals & table wine. 3 hours of navigation per day.
   Please contact us for personalised information or longer cruises.
  Honeymoon Cruise Min. 4 days & 3 nights 2 pax 170,000 cfp 2 pax / night
  Leeward Island Min. 4 days & 3 nights 2 pax 200,000 cfp 2 pax / night
               "        " 4 pax 215,000 cfp 4 pax / night
               "        " child 12 3,500 cfp child / day
Sunset Cruise & Mariage of Hearts
Available on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday with 6 pax minimum
  A romantic cruise on the flat water of the lagoon & a great photo opportunity. (beverage complimentary)
  departure time: 4.30 / 5 pm 2 hours Min. 4 pax 10,000 cfp per person
    2 hours Min. 6 pax 8,200 cfp per person
  PRIVATE CRUISE 2 hours up to 8 pax 72,400 cfp for the boat
Available on reservation
  Board the Grand Banks 46 feet for the most romantic evening on the lagoon of Bora Bora.
  Moored in front of the famous Motu Tapu, enjoy a swim before sipping your aperitif 
  in front of a magnificient sunset. Indulge yourselves in a candlelit dinner, gourmet cuisine and fine wines.
  departure time: 3.00 pm 8 hours 2 pax 230,000 cfp for 2 persons
    "     " extra person 8,500 cfp per extra pers.
Available everyday on reservation 
  Embark onboard Taravana, the famous 51 feet sailing catamaran.  
  After a short cruise on Bora Bora Lagoon, the boat will be moored in front of Motu Tapu.
  The captain will then renew your wedding vows very simply and offers you flowers leis. 
  You will enjoy the sunset sipping champagne and appreciate french "canapé".
  departure time: 4.30 / 5 pm 2 hours 2 pax 88,000 cfp for 2 persons
Traditional Wedding Ceremony
Renew your vow in the traditional Tahitian way, 
with local music, dancers and fiest atmosphere.
This is a non binding wedding .
Ceremony at the Hotel
Available everyday on reservation
  You will be taken from your bungalow to the place of the ceremony (usually held on the beach) 
  by dancers, locally dressed & flowers-decorated. In the middle of a natural setting, 
  you will be wearing pareos - if you wish to - flower leis & crowns and will exchange your vows
  (and your rings). You will learn man and woman duties, swear your true love for each other
 and will received a tahitian name. A short dance show will follow 
  the ceremony before we bring you back to your bungalow. 
  Included: natural setting, tahitian priest, dancers & musicians, 2 pareos,
  2 flowers leis, 2 flowers crowns & a tissu wedding certificate “tapa”.
    4.00 pm 45 mn 2 pax 98,000 cfp for 2 persons
Traditional ceremony  on a private motu
Available everyday on reservation
  The traditional canoe will lead you on a private islet, in the north of the Island. 
  Dressed up with your white pareo, -or with your wedding clothes-, 
  this short cruise on the blue lagoon with ukulele music, makes you realised
  your journey in the tahitian tradition has already started. 
The ceremony will start as soon as you arrive on the motu. 
  After some pictures with the whole group, cruise back sipping champagne.
  Included: boat cruise, natural setting, tahitian priest, dancers & musicians, 
  2 white pareos, 2 flowers leis & crowns, certificate,  & 1 bottle of champagne.
  departure time: 3.30 pm 1h30 2 pax 175,000 cfp for 2 persons
Special Honeymooners’ Day
Available everyday on reservation
  Embark on the traditional motor outrigger canoe to reach the private motu 
  where the wedding will be celebrated. 
  You will then be offered the traditional festive tahitian meal for a lover's lunch. 
  After resting an enjoying the calm and peacefulness of this very special environment, 
  Patrick will suggest you to cruise on Bora Bora lagoon, to swim and snorkel with grey rays
   and hundred of colorful tropical fish. 
  Included: Wedding Ceremony (all as above), tahitian festive meal "Maa Tahiti",
  a wedding cake for two, one bottle of champagne and guided swimming & snorkeling cruise.
  departure time: 10.00 am 6 hours 2 pax 250,000 cfp for 2 persons
Wedding Services
Available everyday on reservation
  A photo session on our beach and in our gardens will be a great moment to experience 
  which will remain for the futur.
  Photos (on paper or cd rom) 30 photos CD Rom  19,800 cfp per session
    40 photos CD Rom  26,400 cfp per session
    50 photos CD Rom  36,400 cfp per session
  DVD Edited with sound effects 38,500 cfp per dvd
  A professional stylist will be pleased to prepare you for the ceremony.
  Hair and make up    22 000 cfp cfp per session
  In order to bring the final touch to your wedding ceremony, our Chef can suggests you a special menu
  which can be served in the romantic setting of your choice : on the beach, in the garden or in your bungalow.
  Please contact us.
Private Arrival
Available everyday on reservation
  Give yourself a treat with a very private arrival or departure from our resort to Bora Bora Airport.
  Speed Boat  Bayliner 21 feet up to 5 pax 19,080 cfp for one way
  Speed Boat  Scarab  34 feet up to 5 pax 25,000 cfp for one way